The New 2023 Vapor Series LED Indoor Rental Panel, Designed for long term reliability and unlimited creativity.

Aug 19, 2022

The Taylorleds R&D team is constantly looking to add creative, more efficient LED pieces to our product lines and that is exactly what we have done with this upgrade. The Taylorleds design team has done a full update on the 2022 VS panel after taking customers' feedback and improving and perfecting the panels.



Our team put a focus on convenience and reliability while modifying the top and bottom portion of the panel to increase the stability of the screen, the panel and the structure. These new innovative features were designed with our techs and rental integrators in mind to make the set up and take down process even smoother. Taylorled's goal from the start of our Vapor Series upgrades was a continued focus on the mechanics of our rental products to make them uncomplicated, adaptable and mobile for all types of applications and users.



The new 2023 Vapor Series upgrades includes innovation for not only the Vapor Shine indoor rental series, but also for the Vapor Glare (VG), our outdoor rental series. Taylorled's provides endless solutions for both indoor and outdoor event staging and concert touring events. The Taylorled's indoor and outdoor panels are rugged and can be quickly assembled or disassembled by anyone with limited experience.



The new 2023 VS Series cutting edge housing has a contemporary design with less modules, which makes it thinner and ultra-light. This state of the art design is perfect for indoor applications which need to be mobile or set up within a short window of time. However, our VS panels are not just made for mobile applications, they are diverse and can readily be used for fixed installations in auditoriums, churches, malls, corporate lobbies and many other endless applications.



The unique light profile design of the updated 2023 VS panel has been specially designed to be easily hung from above or comfortably maintained with a variety of ground support options. In addition to the light weight of the panel, it is also equipped with exclusive corner protection tabs to protect the LED panel and modules from scrapes, dings and damage.


Taylorleds designers have intuitively utilized universal modules to magnetically snap into place with ease. This makes swapping modules on all panels simple. Taylorled's also sends a full package of spare parts making a quick repair an easy process.



Taylorleds has created a full line of customizable add-on panels for the Vapor Series. This allows for unlimited creativity. The Vapor Shine's additional visionary add-on panels include an amazing wave design, our "VS Wave". The Vapor Shine Wave curved frames are built with soft modules to create smoother surfaces without ridges between them. These modules are fully front or rear serviceable. We have also developed a thin panel system to make creating a 90 degree angle even more seamless. The Vapor Shine 90° frames create corners and bends at 90° to 150° increments. With these panels, the seam at the corner is greatly reduced to the thickness of one PCB board. Our VS 90° panel continues to remain a customer favorite.


We also have a variety of shapes for the VS series. We have our VS Triangle panel and our VS Circle. Panel. The Vapor Shine Triangle and Circle add-on panels allowing the user to create irregular shapes easy without adding external frames or cover ups. These can be easily added to any side of a standard panel. This allows every designer to continue to be innovate and create original designs for the special customer looking for a little something extra.



If your team is looking for an easy to use, innovative, bright indoor or outdoor rental panel with an amazing picture, the Vapor Series is a game changer! The Vapor Series is truly the ultimate product for all applications, and radiates in indoor, outdoor, fixed or rental use. Whether you are looking to expand your LED inventory or starting to use LED panels, the Vapor Series panels are a smart addition.


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