Lunar New Year and what it means for the rest of the world

Feb 4, 2019

As a lot of manufacturing companies in China complete their last batch of products, the sales team sending out their last emails and making their last phone calls before they return to their hometown to celebrate the Lunar New Year, the rest of the world’s operations doesn't stop.


In the Chinese culture, celebrating the Lunar New Year is a great deal, bigger than the Western calendar New Year. Lunar New Year consists of many events in which families have reunions and dinners, set off fireworks and other festivities to bring in the New Year with fortune and prosperity. This is the largest holiday in china, many companies will be closed for a week, usually the day before lunar New Year leading up to 6-7 days after. Citizens will have time to travel home and spend some time with family before returning to work.


If you are working with Chinese companies, there is a chance that you may face some of these issues. This is especially true for the manufacturing facility. Production will be halted or slowed down depending on the size of the company. If you keep working with these manufacturer, make sure to keep this holiday in mind when planning.


Taylorleds’ office will also be closing for the new year but our team understands that the rest of the world isn’t going on vacation. Many of us will be returning to our hometown to be with family, we will have limited services but will still be able to reply to emails in reasonable timeframe.


We here at Taylorleds want to wish everyone a Happy Lunar New Year and a prosperous year of the Pig.



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