Taylorleds Successfully Completed their US Demo Tour

Mar 20, 2019

Taylorleds completed their first demo tour in the US last week ending in Texas. Started early February in Chicago on the east coast and worked their way down to Florida with stops along the way in Detroit, New York, Atlanta and Nashville, then continued to the west coast spending the most time in Los Angeles and Las Vegas. Taylorleds’ team of experts brought both Vapor and Wafer products for customers to see in action.



Customers in the rental and staging industry are able to see the Vapor Shine which a part of the Vapor Series, which is equipped with LEDs ideally for indoor applications. In addition to seeing the screen in action, customers had the opportunity to experience the mechanism that makes this product efficient and reliable for rental applications. The pro-grade cabinets with up-and-down locks securely fasten the panels along with the unique design that gives maximum panel protection. Eventhough the Vapor Shine was the only one shown, the Vapor Glare which is also a part of the Vapor series is equipped with the latest technology, the common cathode LED, perfect for outdoor applications and should be available later.


The unique module design was very impressive, customers are able to see the thin house-less design that’s easy to remove from the front of rear of the panels. This module design is seen on both the Vapor and Wafer series.


The Wafer Breeze (“WB”) series is a fixed product. Customers joined in the demonstration of the WB3/WB4 product. This unique panel design comes in 2 or 3 module width makes it versatile for any creative wall design. Customers complimented its’ thin profile which is also ADA compliant. Taylorleds’ team demonstrated the ease of access of the modules. Modules can be removed from both the front and back. These panels can also be customized to meet any application.


Taylorleds and its team appreciate all those that joined us on this tour as we demonstrated our products. You can always reach out to us if you need advice for your next project, we would love to talk to you. Please join us in our Europe Tour later this month if you are in the area.

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