Taylorleds impresses in Europe and Asia completing their first tour of the year

Apr 23, 2019

With the success of the first demo tour in the US, Taylorleds simultaneously did a tour in Europe and Asia. The Europe team arrived in Spain to visit customers and continuing their trip to France, Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany. The Asia team visited Vietnam, the Philippines and Indonesia. Both teams showcased Vapor and Wafer products on this tour.


European companies are not new to LED display panels, they have worked with many products and LED companies. Customers were able to see Vapor Shine and Wafer Breeze product. The unique module design was very impressive, customers are able to see the thin house-less design that’s easy to remove from the front of rear of the panels. Customers were interested in the availability of these and were also very interested in the custom aspect that Taylorleds can provide.


Customization is one area in which Taylorleds excel in. The small team of experts will work with customers to design products that would fit their needs. The sales staff is experienced with the product and can provide a solution for all designs and applications. Whether it is a diagonal or irregular shape, Taylorleds will find a solution to ensure the customers’ vision comes to live.


The Asian team also took the same products to showcase customers in Asia. The customers were interested in both these products as there was products for fixed and rental. Some customers were concerned with the IP ratings for outdoor products as the heat and humidity in South Asia can get quite high. The team assured these worried customers that the products are developed by industry experts and these outdoor products are ready to withstand any heat or rain.


During both tours, the team brought the Wafer Breeze and Vapor Shine for customers to see first hand. The Wafer Breeze (“WB”) series is a fixed product. This unique panel design comes in 2 or 3 module width makes it versatile for any creative wall design. This this ADA compliant profile product can fit any wall inset or replace a LCD wall easily. Modules can be removed from both the front and back which shows the ease of access to the module.


The Vapor Shine which a part of the Vapor Series, equipped with LEDs ideally for indoor applications. Customers had the opportunity to experience the mechanism that makes this product efficient and reliable for rental applications. Up-and-down locks securely fasten the panels quickly and the unique design gives the panel maximum protection. Even though the Vapor Shine was the only one shown, the Vapor Glare which is also a part of the Vapor series is equipped with the latest technology, the common cathode LED, perfect for outdoor applications and will be available later.


Taylorleds and its team appreciate all those that joined on this tour. You can always reach out to us if you need advice for your next project, we would love to talk to you. Taylorleds will be opening a showroom in their headquarter in China by the end of May this year.



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