Wafer Breeze Series, It’s a Breeze~

Jun 23, 2020

Picking a screen to install or replace a current screen is not an easy task. LED screen are becoming more popular for these installations. The Taylorleds Wafer Breeze is the indoor fixed installation product that can meet any of these projects’ needs. The Wafer Breeze Series is created with the end-user in mind; whether used for advertisements, directions or simply displaying information. This slime and light cabinet design will easily fit in shopping malls, airports, corporate spaces, hotel lobbies and convention centers.



The Wafer Breeze Series is available in 5-pixel pitches. Take a look at this article when deciding pixel pitch. These panels come in 3 or 2 modules wide and with these panel sizes creating any screen size is possible. Mixing and matching these panels are efficient and cost savings. One panel carries all of the technology and the other panel joins without additional technology as it “piggy-backs” on the other panel. Working with our sales and engineer team, they can help calculate the number of panels needed and which can use the other panel to piggy-back method.



Installing these panels are a breeze with many add-on options for endless creativity. Its’ slim profile of 54mm in thickness makes these panels ADA compliant. These panels can be mounted horizontally or vertically with minimum frames keeping its thin profile.



All Taylorleds products have add-on panels for limitless creativity. WB add on panels include the 90° or Cube panels and TFAS (Taylorleds Fast Adjustment System). These add-on panels can be used with the regular standard panels. Easily turn any flat screen into a 3D screen.



The WB Cube have 45° special cut frames on all sides of the panels. These panels reduce the gap at the corner to the thickness of a PCB board giving it a seamless look. Wrap columns, extend a flat screen on a wall to a corner, or create cubes for creative accents.



TFAS is a 2-screw technology that creates concave screens easily. One screw secures the curve and the other screw tightens the screen together.



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