Vapor Series Endless Use and Creativity

Jul 27, 2020

The quality of the picture is always important but when looking at rental products, the mechanics are just as important. In production, set-up and breakdown time is very valuable thus having a rental LED product with ease to use mechanic features are important.


The Vapor Series includes the indoor rental series, Vapor Shine (VS), and the outdoor rental series, Vapor Glare (VG), used in any outdoor staging and concert touring events. These panels are rugged and can be quickly assembled and disassembled. Each panel is equipped with corner protection tabs to protect the LEDs, especially on the corners, from getting knocked off. The universal modules makes swapping and keeping spares of modules minimal and easy.



The VS Series housing-less modules makes it ultra-light and thing, perfect for indoor applications while the VG Series is equipped with common cathode LEDs to provide clear images in extreme weathers.


The panels are diverse and can readily be used for fixed installations. The light profile of these panels along with its made for rigging nature, make these panels easy to be hung.




Add-on panels are endless for the Vapor Series. The Vapor Shine boasts creative add-on panels; VS Wave, VS 90°, VS Triangle and VS Circle. The Vapor Shine Wave curved frames are built with soft modules to create smoother surfaces without ridges between modules. These are fully front or rear serviceable. The Vapor Shine 90° chamfer frames create corners and bends at 90° to 150° increments. With these panels, the seam at the corner is greatly reduced to the thickness of one PCB board. The Vapor Shine Triangle and Circle add-on panels create irregular shapes easy without adding external frames or cover ups. These can be added to any side of a standard panel.




The Vapor Series is the ultimate product for all applications; indoor, outdoor, fixed or rental use. Whether you are looking to expand your LED inventory or starting to use LED panels, the Vapor Series panels are a smart addition. Taking customers’ feedback and improving and perfecting the panels; Taylorleds R&D team is constantly looking to add creative pieces to this series.


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