Ultra-light and slim

A 75mm depth at 7.4kg allows Vapor

to streamline any production or rental application.

Design and Maintenance

Smart and unique panel design allowing for speedy service.

Design and Maintenance

All-in-one Removable Control & Power Pack. Easy to Hold Installation Handles.

Magnetic Modules. 100% Interchangeable. Front and Rear Service.

Unique Thin Modules for Uniformity & Flatness.

Corner Protection. Prevent Pixel Damage.

Design and Maintenance

Smart and unique panel design allowing for speedy service.

vs2 vS3 vG3 vG4 CREATIVE

vapor shine 2.9mm

Fine pitch indoor rental applications.

vapor shine 3.9mm

All-around indoor rental applications.

vapor glare 3.9mm

Industry leading small pitch outdoor rental applications.

vapor glare 4.8mm

All-around outdoor rental applications.

Vapor Glare Traditional LED

Common Cathode LED

Using the newest technology for outdoor LED to
provide professional grade image contrast,
20% higher brightness and ultra-low heat dissipation.

Pro-Grade Cabinet

Magnet-Assisted Assembly

Magnets located on the top of panel for
easy alignment and fast installation.

Dual Purpose Locking System

Up & down locks double as convenient handles.

Anti-Collision Design

Design for maximum protection during
installation and transportation.

Curving Applications

  • Innovative Side Locking System

    Allowing Vapor to flow easily with adjustments ranging from -5° to 10°,
    allowing for quick concave and convex displays.

  • Taylor Made Curving Brackets

    Curving accessories available for customized curve angles, creative solutions and
    spectacular projects.

installation mode

  • Stacking

    Designed by industry veterans, the Universal Stacking System is simple to use with expert reliability.

  • Hanging

    Super lightweight, simple to use hanging bars with integrated curve plates.

  • Dance Floor Transformation

    A unique solution transforms Vapor Glare into a fully functional LED dance floor. Utilize one product for infinite applications.

flight case

Superior 7 in 1 flight case.

Optimum sizing for US/EU truck and sea freight container capacities.