Taylorleds impressed with private product showcase in Orlando

Jul 11, 2019

Last month Taylorleds held their largest product showcase in Orlando during InfoComm 2019. This two-day showcase, customers were able to see products for both Rental and Staging and Fixed installations. There was a 10 x 6.5 feet screen can be seen as soon as you walk through the door and an impressive five-sided cube.


From the Vapor Series, there were 24 panels of Vapor Shine VS2 which puts the screen at about 10ft wide and 6.5ft high with 677,000 pixels (1008 x 672 pixels). The screens were angled at 5° using built-in curve locks creating a smooth concave screen.


A hands-on station was available for customers to experience the products’ mechanics. Attendees could experience the dual-purpose locks by connecting two panels together, they were also able to toggle with the integrated curving locks. Many attendees were impressed by the housing free modules, the thinness of these modules gave the panels a much lighter and thinner profile compared to others.


Add-ons for the vapor series includes creative pieces; the triangle and circle piece. The triangle piece was available for customers to attach to another vapor panel. These pieces can easily be attached to any sides of the panels giving full creativity when designing a screen. To allow for more creativity, guests can now request for panels to be cut to achieve a 90° screen which is also available for the Wafer Series.




CNC machining is used to create customized angles for the perfect fit in all screens. This precision could be seen in the cube that was created with the Wafer panels. These panels were customized and cut to fit a 90° installation. The cut minimizes the gap at the corners between panels. With CNC machining, guests have full creativity to mount these panels on any wall, column or creating cubes.


Our team of experts were available to answer any questions or concerns guests have regarding panel selection or finding a solution for your project. If you didn’t get a chance to stop by our showcase and have a product or any questions you regarding LED panels, feel free to reach out to us.


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