LED Basics: Pixel Pitch and Applications

Feb 19, 2019

Selecting the best product for your next project can be intimidating. Whether you are replacing LCDs, projectors or an old LED display, there is more than just selecting the smallest pixel pitch. Pixel pitch is the distance between the center of two pixels, the closer they are together the closer you can stand to the screen or as some may say, the higher the definition. Selecting the pixel pitch is one feature that should definitely be looked at when buying an LED display, but do not neglect other features.


Technology is forever changing; new technology always emerges in the market. Don’t be afraid to compromise on pixel pitch for a sturdier or slimmer profile. When you are purchasing rental products, pixel pitch may not be a top priority as when you are purchasing products for a fixed environment.


LED displays last close to 10 years with proper maintenance and care. The following are some features to look out for when selecting LED displays for your next project.


When dealing with rental products, as much as pixel pitch is important, the build of the product is very important. Assembling, weight and transport of the panel are very important. The Vapor product line provides the perfect range of products. The VS2 and VS3 are indoor products which makes it perfect for indoor applications. If deciding between the two, VS2 is recommended if you’re working a lot of conferences or events with content displaying smaller text or finer details. A higher pixel pitch will allow you to get to the standard HD resolution with less panels. If you are working with a lot of flashy content for parties or indoor concerts, you may want to choose the VS3 as you wouldn’t need the higher definition to read text. Content management and video processing can also be simplified with a higher pixel pitch selection.


VG3 and VG4 are outdoor products which means that they are rated with an IP that can withstand rain and wind. Both the VG3 and VG4 has LED diodes that are bright enough for outdoor use. Also, using the newest common cathode diodes, we can achieve higher contrast and brightness than traditional outdoor rental panels. The same concept goes here, since the audience will most likely be standing further away a 3 or 4 pixel pitch will be enough for any outdoor application.


Smaller pixel pitch is always better but in the case of rental products the 2-4mm pixel pitch gives a perfect range for any event. These are the optimum pixel pitches for rental applications, if you go lower than 2mm, the panels will be very delicate and assembling and disassembling may cause the panels to incur more maintenance as pixel will fall out.


During any renovation or new permanent installation, you absolutely want the best as this display will last a long time. First you should evaluate your space, how big will the display be and what the closest someone will be standing at any point. The general rule is 1mm pixel pitch to 1-meter distance. It is always best to be one more pixel pitch finer than the rule of thumb as technology is always advancing and with that additional refinement, you will be able to get a couple more years before you think about swapping out the panels for new ones.


Whether you are looking for a fixed or rental application, here at Taylorleds we make sure that you are getting the most out of your investment. For interesting spaces for fixed installation, our team of experts are ready to help you select or design a product that will work for you and your project.

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